Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic therapy offers a unique and effective approach to neurological rehabilitation, harnessing the buoyancy and resistance of water to facilitate recovery. At Neuro Alliance, our Aquatic Therapy services provide a supportive and low-impact environment for individuals with neurological conditions to improve mobility, balance, and overall function.

The soothing properties of water make it an ideal medium for individuals who may face challenges with land-based exercises. Aquatic therapy is particularly beneficial for conditions such as multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, and muscular dystrophy. Our experienced therapists utilise the properties of water to create individualized programs that promote mobility and independence, all while enhancing the healing experience.

Aquatic Therapy involves movement in water to assist with the rehabilitation of physical function. It provides a warm, supportive environment for the provision of Physiotherapy and Exercise Physiology interventions. Aquatic Therapy takes into consideration the physiology of immersion, as well as the principles of hydrostatics and hydrodynamics. Treatment in this setting can be in individual or group-based sessions. Movement in warm water facilitates activity and exercise that may not be possible in a land-based environment. In some circumstances, the aquatic environment may be the only place where some people can perform movement independently. The warm water provides heat and comfort, which can allow for a more engaging and effective therapy session.

Aquatic Therapy has a range of benefits which can include:

  • An opportunity to commence functional exercises that may be unachievable on land, such as standing, walking, jogging, or lifting arms
  • Muscular strengthening
  • Improved mobility
  • Improved balance
  • Reduced risk of joint contractures
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness through safe, low-impact cardiovascular exercise
  • Relief of pain

Pool facilities at Neuro Alliance:

  • The hydrotherapy pool at Neuro Alliance is state-of-the-art. The depth ranges from 1.1 meters to 1.5 meters. The pool is tested regularly, and the water quality is maintained within strict parameters for comfort and safety. The pool water is cleaned by two large filters and is sanitised with chlorine and ozone.
  • The water temperature is kept at 33 degrees Celsius and the air temperature and humidity are controlled with an air conditioning system.
  • There are two large change rooms with showers and four change cubicles. These are for quick rinsing and changing after sessions. A commode and bed bath are also available for clients to use for showering and changing.
  • The pool is accessed using a pool hoist or a set of stairs with two rails. The hoist can be used with one of Neuro Alliance’s submersible ‘water chairs’ or with a material sling. Neuro Alliance has a range of sling sizes available for trial. If you require a sling for ongoing use your therapist will assist you in purchasing your own sling with loops that will connect to our hoist.