About Neuro Alliance

Neuro Alliance has a long history of providing high quality clinical care to people with a neurological condition. Started in 2010 by our General Manager, Daniel Buck it has since grown into an interdisciplinary allied health and medical service. In 2019, land was acquired in the epicentre of the Hunter, Thornton and by early 2020 construction of Neuro Alliance’s state-of-the-art rehabilitation centre commenced. Born through a frustration of no such service existing in the Hunter Region, Daniel recognised clients’ needs could not be met delivering community care alone. In 2022 Neuro Alliance and AJOT joined, and Alicia Harris became a co-owner of Neuro Alliance. Since this time Alicia and Daniel have launched Neuro Alliance Paediatrics, constructing, and commissioning a second building in Thornton for this purpose. Despite our size, our team of around 50 staff are a close-knit group who support and nurture each other’s growth. We look forward to continuing to provide high quality, evidence-based services to our amazing cohort of clients now and into the future.


At Neuro Alliance, our mission is to empower individuals to fully engage in everyday activities by enhancing their skills, ensuring their safety, enhancing their comfort, and ultimately improving their overall quality of life. We recognise the significance of fostering strong and healthy relationships with all our stakeholders, service providers, dedicated staff, and the broader community. Our commitment lies in delivering top-tier, evidence-based clinical services while valuing feedback and the lived experiences of our clients.


Accountability: We believe in taking responsibility for our actions and admitting when things don’t always go as planned. We are dedicated to promptly resolving any issues that may arise.

Compassion: At Neuro Alliance, we understand that every individual is at a unique stage in life, and we acknowledge that your needs, desires, and aspirations are distinct from the next person. We approach your journey with the empathy and consideration it deserves.

Collaboration: We build partnerships based on trust and honesty. We are transparent about whether our services align with your specific needs, and if not, we are committed to providing you with information about other services that might better suit your requirements.

Respect: We respect your right to have a voice in decisions regarding your health and well-being. We only pursue the path that you are ready for and prioritize your choices in your healthcare journey.