Gait Lab Overview

At Neuro Alliance’s Gait Lab, we provide world-class gait rehabilitation for individuals with neurological diagnoses. Located in Thornton, our facility attracts clients from across Australia and the southern hemisphere seeking to optimise their walking function. Staffed by experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists, our Gait Lab boasts the highest quality rehabilitation facilities, including (but not limited to) an end-effector gait training device (the TheraTrainer LYRA), overground and treadmill body-weight support walking systems, functional electrical stimulation systems, active-passive arm/leg cycles and standing balance frames.

What is the TheraTrainer LYRA?

The TheraTrainer LYRA is an end-effector gait training device designed to facilitate gait rehabilitation in individuals with neurological conditions. It offers graded support and assistance, enabling individuals to engage in intensive gait training tailored to their specific needs.

Included in the Packages

Our Gait Lab Intensives operate on a 5-week structure, offering either 2 or 3 sessions per week. Each session consists of 100 minutes of comprehensive rehabilitation, including:

  • 45 minutes of LYRA use for graded gait training.
  • 45 minutes of 1:1 clinic-based therapy focusing on various rehabilitation techniques such as body-weight support walking, overground harness walking, and utilisation of other advanced equipment like Balo, Tigo, and LusioMATE.
  • Home program review and monitoring to ensure continuity of progress beyond the intensive.
  • Pre/Post-Assessment and Non-Face-to-Face Processes: Comprehensive goal setting and measurements are conducted before and after the intensive. A detailed report outlining outcomes and future directions is provided post-intensive. Non-face-to-face time is allocated for therapy planning and problem-solving.

Pricing Structure

The Seating Clinic package is priced at a set rate which will be discussed with you upon referral, covering all aspects of the assessment, follow-up, and access to specialised equipment. Additional services or products, such as optional inclusions (outlined above), may be recommended based on individual needs.

2 Sessions per Week for 5 week intensive

  • NDIS: $3782.80
  • Private/Other: $3978.00

3 Sessions per Week for 5 week intensive

  • NDIS: $5431.72
  • Private/Other: $5712.00

Key Benefits

Tailored Rehabilitation: Individualised programmes designed to address specific needs and goals.

High-Intensity Intervention: Evidence-based approach for optimal outcomes in gait rehabilitation.

Experienced Team: Staffed by experienced Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists dedicated to maximising client potential.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Access to advanced technologies including the TheraTrainer LYRA for effective gait training.

Comprehensive Support: From pre-assessment to post-intensive report, ensuring holistic care and progress tracking.

Booking Process

Referrals for Gait Lab Intensives are processed by our administration team. While preferences for start times and sessions per week can be indicated, availability cannot be guaranteed due to scheduling logistics. Clients are encouraged to clear their schedules to maximise the benefits of the intensive. Invest in your walking capacity and embark on a journey towards improved mobility and quality of life with Neuro Alliance’s Gait Lab featuring LYRA.