Seating Lab – XSENSOR Pressure Mapping

Neuro Alliance is delighted to introduce our ‘Seating Lab’ service, designed to address and prevent pressure injuries through a comprehensive screening tool. This service is crucial for individuals at risk, providing a holistic approach to seating and pressure management.

What it is

The Seating Lab at Neuro Alliance specialises in conducting comprehensive assessments to identify predisposing risk factors for pressure injuries by utilising the cutting-edge XSENSOR Fore Site SS pressure imaging system. This system is not only medically certified but also incorporates accurate, reliable, and durable sensors. It generates high-resolution images and integrates user-friendly software to analyse pressure points effectively. By leveraging this advanced technology, the Seating Lab ensures the development of tailored and optimal seating solutions that meet the individual needs of wheelchair users.

What’s Included in the Seating Lab Package

Comprehensive Pressure Injury Assessment:

Our trained Occupational Therapists conduct an in-depth assessment, analysing individual needs and identifying potential risk factors.

Face-to-Face Occupational Therapy (OT):

A minimum of 2 hours of face-to-face OT is included at standard hourly rate.

Non Face-to-Face Follow-Up:

Following the assessment, clients receive 2 hours of dedicated non-face-to-face time for report writing and follow-up, ensuring a detailed and personalised care plan.

State-of-the-Art Pressure Mapping System:

Access to high quality pressure mapping technology (XSENSOR Fore Site SS) to enhance the precision of our assessments, allowing us to recommend optimal seating solutions.

Trial of Range of Cushions and Seating Equipment:

Clients can trial a variety of cushions and seating equipment, ensuring the perfect fit for their unique requirements.

Package Summary Report (for External Clinicians):

A comprehensive report summarising the assessment, recommendations, and key findings, facilitating seamless communication with external healthcare providers.

Optional Inclusions (Additional Fees Apply):

2-Hour Report:

For clients who desire a more detailed report, an optional 2-hour report writing service is available at an additional fee.

Travel costs – the Seating Clinic is offered at Neuro Alliance (1 Poynton Place, Thornton):

If the assessment needs to be conducted at a location outside our standard service area, a travel fee will be applied. This option ensures our Seating Clinic is accessible to clients across diverse locations.

Pricing Structure

The Seating Clinic package is priced at a set rate which will be discussed with you upon referral, covering all aspects of the assessment, follow-up, and access to specialised equipment. Additional services or products, such as optional inclusions (outlined above), may be recommended based on individual needs.

Key Benefits

Prevention and Early Intervention

Identify and address potential risk factors before they escalate, preventing the occurrence of pressure injuries.

Personalised Solutions

Tailored recommendations ensure that individuals receive seating solutions that match their unique requirements.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration

The Package Summary Report promotes effective communication with external clinicians, fostering a collaborative approach to client care.