Management Team

DanielGeneral Manager APA Neurological Physiotherapist
Daniel is a practicing titled APA Neurological Physiotherapist and former Occupational Therapist. He has a special interest in managing multi trauma rehabilitation cases and working with clients who have complex tone presentations. He also has a clinical focus on neurodegenerative conditions including movement disorders and rare genetic myopathies.
Alicia Operations Manager - Senior Occupational Therapist
Alicia has worked in various Neurological settings within Australia and abroad. She has a particular clinical interest in pressure care, wheelchair prescription and seating systems. Alicia is a current member of Occupational Therapy Australia and holds a Certificate IV in Assessment and Training. Alicia oversees the day-to-day operation within Neuro Alliance and believes compassion, collaboration and respect are cornerstone to any business.
BaxterFacility Dog
Baxter is our facility dog who has undergone an intensive training program with Miracle Assistance Dogs. He is working full time in Neuro Alliance’s centre supporting individual clients and groups. Baxter is learning every day and is still a teenager, please check before patting him so he is not distracted. He brings a smile to everyone’s face and we love having him as part of our team.
TimFacilities Manager
Tim is the Facilities Manager at Neuro Alliance. Coordinating the hydrotherapy pool, gyms and our Paediatric clinic at 7/B1 Poynton Place.
JessicaClinical Manager
Jess is the Clinical Manager for both the adults and paediatrics teams. She oversees the intake and allocation of new referrals, coordinates the caseloads of the clinical teams, and implements service development for areas where a clinical need is identified. Jess works very closely with the remainer of the Management Team to ensure that the day-to-day running of Neuro Alliance meets the expectations of both clients and staff.
LauraSystems Manager
Bio Coming soon

External Relationships

Emma Business Development Officer
Emma is our business development officer and brings a wealth of experience in health administration. She is dedicated to building relationships with external providers and learning our systems. Emma oversees stakeholder agreements; clinician room hire and recruitment. Emma is also in charge of the Program of Supports (POS) administration for groups in our facility, ensuring a comprehensive approach to our services.
PaigeMarketing Coordinator
Beyond her primary role as a Physiotherapist, Paige takes charge of Neuro Alliance’s social media and marketing initiatives. Her creative flare, keen eye for detail and strategic thinking ensure that Neuro Alliance stays connected, up to date and relevant in today’s digital landscape.

Client Services

Sarah Client Support Referral Coordinator
Sarah oversees and coordinates a clients journey at Neuro Alliance. She will organise assessment and intervention with the multidisciplinary team working with individuals, families, support coordinators and care agencies. With her bubbly personality and smile she ensures clients and therapists are well connected to always maximise client outcomes. Sarah has a strong background in health administration in the hospital sector.
Casey Client Support Coordinator
Casey is part of our Client Support Team at Neuro Alliance. She has wealth of experience in customer service and will support clients on their journey helping with group bookings, service agreements and funding checks. Liaising with our clients, families and Coordinator of supports when necessary.
AnnieScheduling Coordinator
Annie, is our Scheduling Coordinator and brings over 20 years of medical office expertise to Neuro Alliance. Her collaborative spirit and dedication to customer service helps our clients and clinicians maximise their time. Annie is devoted to mastering the ins and outs of Neuro Alliance scheduling to ensure everyone gets their care needs met. With her wealth of experience and passion for learning, Annie helps keeps our scheduling tasks running smoothly.


KristySenior Receptionist
Kristy is your first point of contact when you make contact with Neuro Alliance. She liases with our reception and greater admin team to support the day to day running of Neuro Alliance across all aspects and sites. She brings with her a wealth of experience from a variety of medical based settings. She will welcome you and your support network and help answer any of your questions.
Ella Receptionist
Ella supports the day to day running of the Neuro Alliance. She is your first port of call on the phone or in person. Ella will welcome you into the centre and answer any of your questions or direct you to the appropriate staff member/location. She has a background in customer service and is committed to learning everything there is to know about Neuro Alliance. Ella can organise a meet and greet with Baxter.
Abbie Receptionist
Abbie is the friendly face you’ll see when you walk through our doors. With her excellent communication skills and attention to detail, Abbie ensures that every client’s visit is seamless from start to finish. Abbie can assist you in scheduling appointments, answering inquiries, or assisting with administrative tasks. Abbie is dedicated to providing top-notch service with a smile. We’re thrilled to have her on board to help create a positive experience for everyone who enters our clinic.
Tayla Admin (currently on Maternity leave)
Tayla is part of our team supporting front desk and the greater admin team. She has a strong medical background working in hospitals and has wonderful communication skills. She is here to welcome you to our centre and support our clients and families with their bookings and service agreements.


Harriet Accounts Receivable / Compliance Officer
Harriet is responsible for accounts receivable. She works closely with the wider administrative team to support a clients funding. She maintains financial records, up-to-date billing systems and carrying out billing duties; generating and sending out invoices along with allocating, following up, and collecting payments. As part of her Accounts Receivable duties, she also works with all departments within our organisation to ensure that all financial transactions are carried out effectively and efficiently. Harriet is also our compliance officer, making sure all documentation is up to date.
Lauren Accounts Receivable
Lauren works with the accounts team to support the billing and invoicing process. This includes liaising with plan managers, clients and other supporting bodies. She ensures that finances are managed effectively and that customers are billed correctly and paid on time. She works with the greater admin team to ensure processes are running smoothly. Lauren is here to answer any of your billing questions or concerns.
KristiAccounts Receivable
Kristi supports our accounts team with the weekly processing of remittances and ongoing billing. She has a background in bookkeeping and is super focused and organised.

Allied Health Assistants (AHA)

Emily Allied Health Assistant
Emily is an integral part of our Neuro Alliance team working as an Allied Health Assistant. She works both in the gym and in the pool supporting clients with their specific programs and goals set by the therapists. You may also see her supporting reception.
Ben Allied Health Assistant
Ben has joined our service as an Allied Health assistant supporting our therapists in any way shape or form. Ben has a background in aged care AHA and is eager to learn from our therapists to support you. You may see Ben in the pool, the gym or the community supporting clients to carry out their programs or in one of our many group sessions.


Di Senior Physiotherapist - Physiotherapy Team Leader
Di has over 20 years’ experience working across a variety of settings including public and private hospitals, community, and aged care. She enjoys working a variety of clients, with a particular clinical interest in neurodegenerative conditions, brain injury, and dementia. Di also has a special interest in stroke recovery and secondary stroke prevention, working with the University of Newcastle in a research role. Di enjoys seeing clients in the clinic, community, and hydrotherapy pool, working collaboratively to achieve their goals and maximise their participation in life.
Alissa Senior Physiotherapist - Physiotherapy Team Leader
Alissa has a range of experience working in both the public and private hospital systems. She has a particular interest in the delivery of community based neurological services. Alissa has a special interest in managing people with complex therapy needs including those complex tone presentations. She is skilled in the delivery of novel, yet challenging exercise programs to people with a range of neurodegenerative presentations.
TimSenior Physiotherapist
Tim has worked as a physiotherapist in many clinical areas. He has a breadth of experience in acute and rehabilitation care across public and private hospitals, nursing home environments and compensable systems. Tim has a special interest maximising exercise, education and a team approach to achieve best possible outcomes. Tim enjoys seeing patients in clinic and in the community and also providing support to other members of the Neuro Alliance team.
Craig Senior Amputee Physiotherapist
Craig oversees the amputee service at Neuro Alliance as well as providing private services through Evolution Physio and Rehab. Craig has many decades worth of experience working with the amputee population. He has worked across both the public and private sectors in NSW. He has extensive knowledge and skills in rehabilitation following prescription of a new prosthesis. He has a clinical focus on maximising a person’s function with their prosthesis including training to participate in adaptive sports.
Matthew Senior Physiotherapist - Student Placement Coordinator
Matt has a strong background in neurological, general and amputee rehabilitation built from extensive experience working across a range of settings in the public hospital system. He enjoys working with a variety of presentations and providing clinic, community and aquatic based therapy with a focus on combining education, exercise and a collaborative team-based approach to problem solve and maximise function. Matt is also our Student Coordinator and will oversee all university clinical placements across all disciplines.
Jessica Senior Physiotherapist
Jess has a background of experience working across various public hospital settings. She has a strong interest in working with complex neurological conditions within an aquatic environment. Jess completed the APA Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 3 course in 2022, providing her with advanced skills and knowledge of using specific techniques in our pool to achieve client goals, improve carryover to their land-based function, and improve their quality of life. Jess also enjoys managing upper limbs impacted by neurological conditions, especially those affected by stroke, having completed StrokeEd’s Analysis and Retraining of Upper Limb Function Post-Stroke and Upper Limb Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT) courses.
NatashaSenior Physiotherapist
Tash has an experienced background working with all ages across the lifespan in the private practice/community setting. Tash’s passion area is paediatrics and she enjoys mixing fun with hard work to achieve optimal outcomes for her clients. In her time working within the paediatric space, Tash has developed her skills in casting, exercise prescription, rehabilitation, hydrotherapy and developmental milestones. Tash enjoys supporting clients with a wide range of developmental, physical and neurological needs to build on skills and help day to day functioning. With experience working with conditions such as cerebral palsy, SCI, brain injuries, CMT, hypermobility, genetic conditions and syndromes; Tash continues to build her awareness and knowledge of diagnoses, and is always striving to best support her wonderful clients and families. Tash loves working in settings appropriate to the individual’s therapy goals and can conduct community visits, centre visits, home visits and/or school visits to provide therapy in all settings relevant and meaningful.
Rebecca Senior Physiotherapist
Bec has a strong background in neurological rehabilitation, gained through her experiences working across the public and private hospital systems. She enjoys a varied caseload between adults and paediatrics, bringing fun and play to clients’ rehab journeys. Bec has a special interest in cerebral palsy, stroke, and amputee rehabilitation. She has completed further training in Spinal cord injury, stroke, return to running following brain injury, functional neurological disorder, hydrotherapy in ASD, paediatrics, and amputee rehabilitation. She enjoys working with clients over all settings; whether it is within the clinic, hydrotherapy, school, home, or the park, Bec enjoys working collaboratively to achieve client goals.
StephanieSenior Physiotherapist
Steph brings a diverse background of experience spanning both hospital and community settings. She loves to take a collaborative approach to goal-setting and has a keen interest in neurological rehabilitation. Steph thrives on working with clients facing a variety of conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND). She finds fulfilment in crafting meaningful goals alongside her clients and supporting them every step of the way towards achieving them. One of Steph’s favourite mediums for therapy is the hydrotherapy pool, she believes in blending a fun into her sessions, ensuring that therapy remains engaging, purposeful, and goal-oriented for each individual. Steph is committed to delivering high-quality care across all settings, whether it’s in the clinic, hydrotherapy pool, or even out in the community. With her warm demeanour and dedication to client-cantered care, Steph is a valuable asset to any rehab journey.
Paige Physiotherapist
Paige is one of our dedicated physiotherapist with a passion for enhancing the lives of individuals facing neurological challenges. With a broad scope of expertise, Paige finds fulfilment in working with diverse clients, but her special interests lie in spinal cord injury, functional neurological disorder, movement disorders and motor neuron disease. Paige takes pride in crafting personalised and innovative exercises to empower her clients on their rehabilitation journey. Paige is committed to delivering evidence based interventions, she holds certifications in the following APA courses; Bladder and Bowel Care for Neurologically Involved Clients, Pilates for Neurological Populations, Neurological Physiotherapy Level 2, Management of Parkinson’s and Other Movement Disorders and Aquatic Physiotherapy Level 1.
Stewart Physiotherapist
Stewart is a Physiotherapist who loves working with a range of clients. He can assess and treat many neurological conditions and is skilled in finding simple and practical exercise strategies, specific to each person’s needs. Stewart runs several of our aquatic therapy groups and is PD Warrior trained. He is passionate about return to sport goals for young people after brain injury, improving concussion management in our community and likes making therapy fun and meaningful. Stewart also has a special interest in the management of fatigue after stroke, working with the University of Newcastle in a research role.
Sarah Physiotherapist
Sarah is a Physiotherapist who enjoys working with a wide range of clients of all ages. Sarah has experience working across hospitals and outpatient settings. Sarah enjoys seeing people in the gym, pool or community to work towards their Physiotherapy goals. Sarah takes a fun yet hard working approach to all clients making therapy engaging, creative and goal based.
Lauren Physiotherapist
Lauren is passionate about neurological Physiotherapy. Her clinical interests include stroke rehabilitation, Parkinson’s Disease, ataxic disorders, and lower limb amputations. She has undertaken further professional development in PD Warrior and StrokeEd lower limb retraining, and prioritises task specific functional practice, evidence-based interventions and education to maximise client outcomes.
Grace Physiotherapist
Grace is one of our newest Physiotherapist to join the team. Grace enjoys working with a diverse range of clients, with a special interest in Spinal Cord Injury and Traumatic Brain Injury. She enjoys both the one-on-one setting and group sessions, running aquatic therapy groups and Neuro Active classes. She can assess and manage a range of neurological disorders and is passionate about creating engaging treatment plans that support clients to participate and achieve their personal goals.
Anna-Rose Senior Physiotherapist (currently on maternity leave)
Anna-Rose has worked in a range of neurological settings in both private and public health settings. She has a special interest in working with people who have complex therapy needs. She is highly competent in managing people who have a diagnosed movement disorder. Anna-Rose is PD Warrior trained and is highly skilled in the prescription of exercise as one of the tools used to manage Parkinson’s Disease.
Anna-Rose is currently on maternity leave – she will be returning end of 2024.

Speech Pathologists

Amanda Senior Speech Pathologist - Team Leader
Amanda has extensive experience as a community-based Speech Pathologist as well as many years in acute and rehabilitation hospital settings.  Her area of speciality is neurological conditions and she enjoys assisting people to manage their communication and swallowing difficulties to enhance their quality of life and overall function.  Amanda has a special interest in communication devices and can organise trials of specific devices to suit an individual’s communication needs.
Jess Senior Speech Pathologist
Jess has experience working with neurological and acute presentations across outpatient clinic services, private hospitals and aged care facilities in Newcastle and Maitland. She has a specialist interest in dysphagia management and functional communication, and enjoys working closely with clients to achieve their personal goals. Jess is LSVT qualified and has recently completed further training in acquired apraxia of speech.
Ashleigh Senior Speech Pathologist
Ashleigh has worked in hospital and community settings, primarily in the early intervention space. She has a special interest in complex communication, speech sound disorders and paediatric feeding. Ashleigh is a strong advocate for evidence-based practice and is certified in multiple programs including Hanen, PEERS, Westmead Feelings Program, Sounds Write and many more. She is passionate about creating inclusive environments that celebrate their child’s strengths and how they communicate
Brittany Senior Speech Pathologist
Brittany has worked in community settings in rural and metropolitan areas. This was primarily in the early intervention, school-aged and young adult space. She has a special interest in complex communication needs, paediatric feeding, and trauma-informed practice. Brittany is a strong advocate for evidence-based practice and is certified in multiple programs and areas particularly around complex communication, feeding and language development. She is passionate about creating inclusive environments that celebrate a client’s strengths, how they communicate and supporting them to achieve their personal goals.
Georgia Speech Pathologist
Georgia has experience working with a diverse range of clients across the lifespan, although she has a particular interest in working with adult clients to assist with communication and swallowing needs. She is particularly passionate about working with individuals who have suffered from a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI), as well as those with neurodegenerative disorders. Georgia is dedicated to helping them build functional communication skills, and addressing any concerns they may have. She finds joy in working closely with clients, ensuring therapy is both engaging and enjoyable, regardless of what the goals are – no goal is too big or small! Georgia’s interests lie specifically in Aphasia and Dysarthria therapy, she also enjoys prescribing Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) solutions and working with complex communication needs. She is passionate about learning, keeping up to date with new research and continuing to build her clinical knowledge to best assist her clients and their loved ones.
CharleneSpeech Pathologist
Charlene has experience in the hospital, community, and clinic settings. Her passion is working with adult clients who have communication and swallowing difficulties. She is dedicated to continuous education and continually seeks to enhance her knowledge and expertise particularly in the areas of traumatic brain injury, aphasia, dysphagia, dysarthria, and progressive neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease. Charlene also has a Bachelor of Training and Development specialising in adult learning.
Hannah Speech Pathologist
Hannah has a special interest in working with a paediatric caseload in the clinic and community. Hannah loves to find innovative ways to help children engage in therapy which allows them to achieve their unique communication goals. She is passionate about providing evidence-based therapy for early intervention and continuing to build her skills working with a neurological caseload. Hannah is Hanen Certified and has also recently completed additional training in ADHD best practice management
Grace Speech Pathologist
Grace has experience working with individuals across the lifespan. She started her career working with children and then moved into the adult disability, neurological and aged care settings. Grace has a particular interest in supporting clients with swallowing difficulties and neurodegenerative diseases. She strongly believes in providing education so that clients can make informed decisions about their own care. Grace is Key Word Sign trained and loves to think of creative communication solutions for those with complex communication needs.

Exercise Physiologist

CaitlinExercise Physiologist - Team Leader
Caitlin is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist. She has a special interest working with people who have Parkinson’s Disease. Caitlin is PD Warrior trained and is one of our instructors running classes. She is proficient in prescribing innovate and creative exercise program to people with a range of neurological impairments. Caitlin has a strong focus on the contribution of exercise in body weight management in the neurological disability population.
April Exercise Physiologist
April is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist. She has a special interest in working with people with Functional Neurological Disorder and Parkinson’s Disease. April loves to find creative and innovate ways to engage clients with their exercise program and is passionate about prescribing exercise based on each individuals interests as well as their own personal goals.
Scarlett Exercise Physiologist
Scarlett is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist. She enjoys working with a wide variety of neurological presentations and is passionate about supporting individuals to improve their health and maximise their functional capacity to encourage independence and enhance quality of life. Scarlett enjoys working closely alongside and collaborating with her clients, enabling them to take charge of their rehabilitation to reach their goals.
Anna Exercise Physiologist
Anna is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist. Anna enjoys working with clients of all ages, particularly in an aquatic therapy setting. She is passionate about using exercise to help individuals build their strength, fitness and function and manage their various neurological conditions. She is skilled at prescribing fun, safe and effective exercise and collaborating with her clients as they work toward their goals.
Kahlee Exercise Physiologist
Meet Kahlee, our ESSA Accredited Exercise Physiologist at Neuro Alliance. With a diverse background in private and public health settings, Kahlee is dedicated to enhancing functional capacity and well-being for individuals with neurological conditions. Specialising in Dementia, Parkinson’s, and Spinal Cord Injury, Kahlee takes joy in helping individuals achieve personal goals and meaningful life changes. Drawing on 5 years as a biomechanics researcher and 2 years as an exercise scientist in neurological rehabilitation, Kahlee brings a wealth of expertise to our team. Currently, she also serves as an AEP clinician and researcher in Respiratory and Sleep Medicine at John Hunter Hospital, showcasing her commitment to holistic care. Kahlee is here to support your journey towards improved health and independence at Neuro Alliance.

Occupational Therapists

Anna Senior Occupational Therapist - Team Leader
Anna graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2005 and has worked in public health and private practice in rural NSW and the Newcastle/Hunter area since this time. She enjoys the variety of working with children and adults with a range of physical and neurological needs to help them engage in daily activities that are meaningful and important to them.
Anna is a current member of Occupational Therapy Australia and works alongside her qualified therapy dog Jazz with some of her clients providing Canine Assisted Therapy.
Alice Senior Occupational Therapist - Assistant OT Team Leader
Alice graduated from Western Sydney University. She has worked in both rehabilitation and community settings across Sydney and Hunter regions. Alice has a special interest in assistive technology, from low-cost items to more complex items including seating and positioning. She gets great satisfaction in supporting people to live their best life.
Kellie Senior Occupational Therapist
Kellie has over 20 year’s experience as an OT, working with people of all ages with complex disabilities, primarily within their homes, residential facilities and in the community setting here in the Hunter & Port Stephens region. Kellie enjoys working closely with her clients and their families to facilitate their goals, promote independence and safety, as well as finding opportunities to their increase participation in daily activities that are meaningful to them. She has interests in assistive technology, simple to complex seating and positioning, minor and major home modifications, pressure care prevention and treatment, manual handling and has a special interest in community accessibility.
Natalie Senior Occupational Therapist
Natalie has worked across both public and private hospitals, as well as in community settings, in various medical, neurological and rehabilitation roles. She has an interest in all aspects of rehabilitation post stroke including the rehabilitation of upper limb function, perception, and cognition. Natalie is passionate about partnering with clients and their families to help them engage in meaningful tasks, with a focus on safety and independence. She is a current member of Occupational Therapy Australia.
Maddison Occupational Therapist
Maddie graduated from Charles Sturt University and transitioned into the workplace rehabilitation sector. Maddie has experience working within the NDIS space supporting clients and their families to achieve their goals. She has an interest in pressure management, seating and positioning and complex assistive technology to support people to have greater independence. Maddie is passionate about bringing evidenced based practice to life and educating clients and their families to get the most out of therapy.
BrittOccupational Therapist
Brittany has experience working with both paediatric and adult populations across various settings. Brittany has a particular interest in rehabilitation including upper limb therapy and cognitive retraining as well as early intervention to support children to strive in their daily life. Brittany is a member of Occupational Therapy Australia.
Daina Occupational Therapist
Daina is passionate about working with adults within the neurological sector, to help them maintain their independence and safely participate in the activities they enjoy. She enjoys meeting and working with a broad range of clients. Daina has a keen interest in assistive technology, seating, and pressure care, and enjoys working alongside the other allied health disciplines to assist clients with achieving their goals.
ChiaraOccupational Therapist
Chiara has a particular interest in paediatrics and is passionate about supporting children and their family to engage and find joy throughout their everyday life. Chiara also has a music degree and is passionate about integrating her love of music into her therapy to work towards achieving client goals and increasing engagement in therapy.
Ellenie Occupational Therapist
El graduated from the University of Newcastle and transitioned into private paediatric space. El’s passion is working with children with a wide range of developmental, neurological, and physical difficulties, to assist them and their families in building skills to facilitate engagement and participation in meaningful daily activities. El is passionate about using a holistic and client-centered approach that builds on the strengths and interests of each child and ensuring OT is enjoyable and rewarding for both the child and the family.
Terri Occupational Therapist
Terri graduated from the University of Newcastle and has a wealth of life experience and knowledge. Terri’s passion is working with adults in the neurological space to assist and educate them to captivate and harness their own unique ability to maintain their independence, health, and well-being, and continue to complete activities of daily life that are meaningful to them. Terri has a keen interest in upper limb rehabilitation and cognitive retraining and remaining well informed of current research, knowledge, and skills in this space.
Sarah Occupational Therapist
Sarah graduated from the University of Newcastle and has experience working in the healthcare industry in both hospital and community settings. She is passionate about helping people with neurological conditions to live as independently as possible and ensuring that they can safely participate in the activities that are meaningful to them. Sarah has a particular interest in Assistive Technology, seating systems and the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.
JazTherapy Dog working with Anna
Introducing Jaz!! She has been trained as a Therapy Dog by Therapy Dogs NSW. She lives with and works alongside our Occupational Therapist Anna with some of Anna’s adult and paediatric clients. Jaz is a friendly, quiet, and kind 3yr old Cocker Spaniel girl who loves a pat, chasing a ball and generally just being with people. If you would like to meet her please let our staff know and Anna can bring her into your appointment when Jaz is in the clinic.

External Providers

The following external providers regularly attend our premises to see their clients. While they are not Neuro Alliance employees, we do have a close working relationship with them and we value their high level expertise.

Dr Roslyn Mozer
Dr Roslyn MozerRehabilitation Medicine Specialist
Dr Roslyn Mozer is a Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist with over 13 years of clinical experience assessing and managing neuromuscular disorders. Dr Mozer has a special interest in spasticity management and imploys a holistic approach with patients, carers, therapists and orthotists in attempting to improve patient function.
Tim Nichols
Tim NicholsProsthetist and Orthotist
Tim has over 20 years of experience prescribing a range of orthoses in challenging clinical environments. He undertook his Prosthetic and Orthotic training in the United Kingdom and Sweden. Tim can assess and prescribe custom orthoses for the range of complex presentations we treat at our Neuromuscular Orthoses clinic.

For referrals to see Tim please submit a referral form

Dr Rochana Jayatilake MBChB, FAFRM(RACP)
Dr Rochana Jayatilake MBChB, FAFRM(RACP)Rehabilitation Physician
Dr Jayatilake obtained Fellowship of the Australasian Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine (FAFRM) in 2022. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of
Manchester in the United Kingdom. Following a move to Australia, she completed a
Masters of Public health through University of Newcastle in 2016 prior to commencing Rehabilitation training.

She currently works as a Rehabilitation Physician at the John Hunter Hospital.
Her interests include Neurological, Amputations including prosthetic prescription, Trau-matic Brain Injury, Orthopaedics and trauma rehabilitation.

Dr Jayatilake is a strong advocate for her patients and aims to support patients and their families through their rehabilitation journey.