Our Team

Daniel Buck
Daniel BuckGeneral Manager APA Neurological Physiotherapist
Daniel is a practicing titled APA Neurological Physiotherapist and former Occupational Therapist. He has a special interest in managing multi trauma rehabilitation cases and working with clients who have complex tone presentations. He also has a clinical focus on neurodegenerative conditions including movement disorders and rare genetic myopathies.
Kate Newton
Kate NewtonClinical Manager - Senior Vestibular Physiotherapist
Kate has worked in a range of hospital and community based settings. Kate runs Neuro Alliance’s dizziness clinic and is a Vestibular Physiotherapist. She works with a range of neurological presentations both in clinic and in the community. She also has a special interest in Pilates for people who have a neurological disability.
BaxterFacility Dog
Baxter is our newest member of staff. He has undergone an intensive training program with Miracle Assistance Dogs (MADS). MADS is a local organisation specialising in the structured training of assistance dogs who has Public Access rights and also Therapy / Facility dogs such as Baxter. He will be working full time in Neuro Alliance’s centre.
Alissa Leyland
Alissa LeylandSenior Physiotherapist
Alissa has a range of experience working in both the public and private hospital systems. She has a particular interest in the delivery of community based neurological services. Alissa has a special interest in managing people with complex therapy needs including those complex tone presentations. She is skilled in the delivery of novel, yet challenging exercise programs to people with a range of neurodegenerative presentations.
Anna-Rose Frazer-Sinclair
Anna-Rose Frazer-SinclairSenior Physiotherapist
Anna-Rose has worked in a range of neurological settings in both private and public health settings. She has a special interest in working with people who have complex therapy needs. She is highly competent in managing people who have a diagnosed movement disorder. Anna-Rose is PD Warrior trained and is highly skilled in the prescription of exercise as one of the tools used to manage Parkinson’s Disease.
Laura Saric
Laura SaricSenior Physiotherapist/Student Placement Coordinator
Laura has a strong background in community disability and neurological Physiotherapy. She works with a range of presentations both in clinic and in the community. Laura has a special interest in neurodegenerative disorders. She is PD Warrior trained. She also has an in depth understanding of disability specific mental health issues and osteoporosis in minimally weight bearing individuals. Laura is one of the therapists working in Neuro Alliance’s Amputee service. Laura also oversees all clinical university placements.
Tim Mogg
Tim MoggSenior Physiotherapist/ Pool Coordinator
Tim has worked as a physiotherapist in many clinical areas. He has a breadth of experience in acute and rehabilitation care across public and private hospitals, nursing home environments and compensable systems. Tim has a special interest maximising exercise, education and a team approach to achieve best possible outcomes. Tim enjoys seeing patients in clinic and in the community, providing support to other members of the Neuro Alliance team and coordinating the hydrotherapy pool.
Jessica Grissell
Jessica GrissellPhysiotherapist
Jessica is a Physiotherapist with a background of working across various public hospitals in the Central Coast Local Health District for the first few years of her career. She has gained many skills in an acute setting. Jessica is starting her transition into clinic and community-based therapy with Neuro Alliance. She has a special interest in the management of amputees and a variety of neurological conditions.
Rachael Chaffey
Rachael ChaffeyPhysiotherapist
Rachael has a special interest working with people who have a neurological condition as well as managing any secondary musculoskeletal issues arising from their primary condition. She has additional training in Women’s Health continence issues, a common presenting problem in the neurological population.
Caitlyn McHugh
Caitlyn McHughPhysiotherapist
Caitlyn has previously worked as an inpatient Physiotherapist at Royal North Shore Hospital. She now enjoys working in an outpatient Neurological setting both in the centre and in the community. Caitlyn is PD Warrior trained. She is also one of the therapists working in Neuro Alliance’s amputee service. Caitlyn has a keen interest in prescribing minimal equipment exercise that people can continue safely in their home. In 2020 Caitlyn trained under Studio Pilates International and is now a qualified Mat Pilates Instructor.
Paige Campbell
Paige Campbell Physiotherapist
Paige enjoys working with a variety of clients however has a special interest in stroke and spinal cord injury. She can assess and manage a wide range of neurological presentations and enjoys prescribing a range of innovative exercises for these. Paige enjoys working with clients in the aquatic environment and runs a number of our hydrotherapy groups.
Caitlin Sheather
Caitlin SheatherExercise Physiologist
Caitlin is an ESSA accredited Exercise Physiologist. She has a special interest working with people who have Parkinson’s Disease. Caitlin is PD Warrior trained and is one of our instructors running classes. She is proficient in prescribing innovate and creative exercise program to people with a range of neurological impairments. Caitlin has a strong focus on the contribution of exercise in body weight management in the neurological disability population.
Amanda Freund
Amanda FreundSenior Speech Pathologist
Amanda has extensive experience as a community-based Speech Pathologist as well as many years in acute and rehabilitation hospital settings.  Her area of speciality is neurological conditions and she enjoys assisting people to manage their communication and swallowing difficulties to enhance their quality of life and overall function.  Amanda has a special interest in communication devices and can organise trials of specific devices to suit an individual’s communication needs.
Jess Kulhanek
Jess KulhanekSpeech Pathologist
Jess has experience working with neurological and acute presentations across outpatient clinic services, private hospitals and aged care facilities in Newcastle and Maitland. She has a specialist interest in dysphagia management and functional communication, and enjoys working closely with clients to achieve their personal goals. Jess is LSVT qualified and has recently completed further training in acquired apraxia of speech.
Liam Hunter
Liam Hunter Exercise Physiologist
Liam is an accredited Exercise Physiologist. He has a special interest in prescribing adaptive and fun exercises to people with limited to no standing function. Liam has a clinical focus on adaptive sports and working collaboratively with Physiotherapists to assist people with a diagnosed disability to increase participation. He is particularly skilled in ensuring people with challenging behaviours are able to engage in exercise that is appropriate and safe.
Laura Lubinski
Laura LubinskiClient Support Coordinator
Laura coordinates a new client’s journey from initial referral through to organising assessment and intervention with the multidisciplinary team. She ensures clients and therapists are well connected to maximise client outcomes.
Sarah Davis
Sarah Davis Client Support Coodinator
Sarah oversees and coordinates an existing client’s journey once they have been on boarded. She will continue to organise assessment and intervention with the multidisciplinary team. She ensures clients and therapists are well connected to maximise client outcomes.
Harriet Myles
Harriet MylesReceptionist
Harriet is your first point of contact if you call or visit Neuro Alliance. Her role is to facilitate the flow of clients through the centre greeting, welcoming, and directing them appropriately. Harriet schedules appointments and supports the daily running of the centre.
Lauren Davis
Lauren Davis Accounts Receivable
Lauren is responsible for accounts receivable and ensuring client budgets are tracked appropriately. She works closely with the wider administrative team and a client’s team to ensure accounts are accurate and up to date.

External Providers

Dr Roslyn Mozer
Dr Roslyn MozerRehabilitation Medicine Specialist
Dr Roslyn Mozer is a Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist with over 13 years of clinical experience assessing and managing neuromuscular disorders. Dr Mozer has a special interest in spasticity management and imploys a holistic approach with patients, carers, therapists and orthotists in attempting to improve patient function.

To make a referral to see Dr Mozer please see you General Practitioner and have a referral emailed to drrmozer@IRMrehabmed.onmicrosoft.com

Tim Nichols
Tim NicholsProsthetist and Orthotist
Tim has over 20 years of experience prescribing a range of orthoses in challenging clinical environments. He undertook his Prosthetic and Orthotic training in the United Kingdom and Sweden. Tim can assess and prescribe custom orthoses for the range of complex presentations we treat at our Neuromuscular Orthoses clinic.

For referrals to see Tim please submit a referral form

Craig Evans
Craig EvansSenior Amputee Physiotherapist: Evolution Physiotherapy
Craig oversees the amputee service at Neuro Alliance as well as providing private services through Evolution Physio and Rehab. Craig has many decades worth of experience working with the amputee population. He has worked across both the public and private sectors in NSW. He has extensive knowledge and skills in rehabilitation following prescription of a new prosthesis. He has a clinical focus on maximising a person’s function with their prosthesis including training to participate in adaptive sports.