Our Classes

Group Therapy and Holiday Intensives will commence from Term 3. Specific dates will be announced midway through Term 2.

Aqua Rainbow

Aqua Rainbow is a specific paediatric aquatic therapy small group program. Group participants must have at least 1 support staff or family member in the pool with them at all times.

The class is run by an allied health professional to assist children to complete their goal directed aquatic therapy program. The group environment creates a fun atmosphere that assist with making therapy more cost effective.

Holiday Intensive Therapy

Our holiday intensive programs are designed to provide a burst of goal direct therapy at a time when perhaps children are well rested from their many other commitments like school.

Specific holiday intensive programs will be outlined by the 3rd week of each school term prior to each holiday period.

Term Group Therapy

Our term-based group therapy programs run in conjunction with each school term and do not include the holiday period.

Group programs provide an opportunity for children to engage in goal directed therapy whilst having the added opportunity to develop social skills amongst their peers. Groups also give parents an opportunity to connect and share their own experiences in a supportive environment.