Therapy Assistance Dog – Meet Jaz at Neuro Alliance Paediatrics

At Neuro Alliance Paediatrics, we are proud to offer a unique and valuable service – the Canine Therapy Assistance Dog program. Meet Jaz, our dedicated therapy assistant dog, who collaborates with our senior occupational therapist, Anna Ballardie, to provide specialised support for children facing neurological challenges.

What is a Therapy Assistance Dog?

Therapy Assistance Dogs are specially trained canine companions that play an integral role in paediatric rehabilitation. These dogs, like Jaz, undergo rigorous training to offer emotional support, companionship, and assistance during therapy sessions. The presence of a therapy dog can have a profound impact on the well-being and progress of children with neurological conditions.

Jaz, our dedicated Paediatric Therapy Assistance Dog, is more than just a furry friend – she’s an essential part of our commitment to providing holistic and compassionate care for children with neurological challenges. The unique bond between Jaz, Anna, and the children creates an environment where progress is nurtured, and therapy becomes a positive and empowering experience.

Jaz’s role at Neuro Alliance

1. Emotional Support

Jaz provides unconditional love and emotional support, creating a comforting and positive atmosphere during therapy sessions. This can be particularly beneficial for children facing anxiety or stress related to their rehabilitation.

2. Motivation and Engagement

Jaz’s playful and friendly nature serves as a motivating factor, encouraging children to actively participate in therapy exercises. The presence of a therapy dog often makes therapy sessions more enjoyable and engaging.

3. Sensory Stimulation

Interacting with Jaz can offer unique sensory experiences for children with neurological conditions. The tactile and calming effects of petting or being near a therapy dog can contribute to sensory integration and regulation.

4. Building Trust and Connection

Jaz becomes a trusted companion, fostering a strong bond between the child and the therapy team. This connection can enhance communication, cooperation, and overall therapeutic progress.

How Jaz Works with Senior Occupational Therapist Anna Ballardie

1. Collaborative Approach

Anna and Jaz work in harmony, employing a collaborative and integrated approach to paediatric rehabilitation. Together, they create a supportive and encouraging environment for children to thrive.

2. Individualised Strategies

Tailoring their strategies to each child’s needs, Anna and Jaz develop personalised interventions that incorporate the unique benefits that a therapy dog can bring to the rehabilitation process.

3. Incorporating Jaz into Therapy Sessions

Jaz actively participates in therapy sessions, providing companionship, encouragement, and assistance as needed. This inclusion enhances the overall therapeutic experience for the child.