Neuro Muscular Orthotist

Orthotic devices, including braces and splints, play a pivotal role in enhancing mobility and functionality, especially for children with neurological conditions requiring specialised care. At Neuro Alliance, we collaborate with Neuromuscular Orthotists, Tim Nicholls, to deliver tailored orthotic solutions designed to address the distinct challenges associated with conditions like cerebral palsy, brain injury, and spinal cord injuries in paediatric patients.

Our focus on neuromuscular orthotics is centred around providing targeted support and stability to the bodies of children, simplifying their movements, and facilitating the execution of daily activities. Working in tandem with our orthotist and dedicated therapists, we engage closely with young clients to craft personalised orthotic devices that align precisely with their individual needs and aspirations. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the mobility and overall quality of life for children facing neurological challenges, fostering a path towards improved independence and well-being.